• Tattoo Artist Kat Von D

    Tattoo Artist Kat Von D

    Kat Von D is trademark and full name is Katherine von Drachenberg, born March 8, 1982, is a Mexican-American tattoo artist, model and television personality. […]

  • Japanese Tattoo Art Pictures

    Japanese Tattoo Art Pictures

    Tattoos often represent a culture of local, we will be able to find some related information in these Japanese tattoo art pictures. In contrast, I […]

  • Cool Tattoo Ideas for Girls

    Cool Tattoo Ideas for Girls

    Most guys think cute tattoo design is best choose to girls, in fact it is not like as we think. You will find and feel […]

  • Cool Dice Tattoos Design

    Cool Dice Tattoos Design

    Everybody have their own ideas of tattoo design, although I do not like gambling but these dice tattoos design are cool and funny, good luck […]

  • Full Sleeve Tattoo by Ghank Design

    Full Sleeve Tattoo by Ghank Design

    “Why more call this tattoo as Religious Tattoo?”, Full Sleeve Tattoo by Ghank Design.

  • Prayer Shoulder Tattoo Design

    Prayer Shoulder Tattoo Design

    Serenity Prayer shoulder tattoo design to remind you how you should live your life by maintaining the purity of heart, “God grant me the serenity […]

  • Amazing Scientific Tattoos

    Amazing Scientific Tattoos

    I hard to understand why someone tattoo scientific tattoos on their body, too amazing! I have to admit that I am not interesting in some […]

  • Hot Dharma Tattoos

    Hot Dharma Tattoos

    Dharma is a complex word—it means virtue, duty, law, religion depending on the context, but it is chiefly concerned with doing the right thing. Enjoy […]

  • The Useful Tattoo Design

    The Useful Tattoo Design

    I think I’m now a fan of the utilitarian tattoo after meet this useful tattoo design. This guy have more photos about this tattoo, Click […]